Translational Science Skills

The Role of Translational Scientists

There is tremendous need for people to discover, develop and disseminate the next generation of science and technology to improve human health. This process is called translational science. Watch this video to learn more about it and the role of translational scientists.

Credit: National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences

Seven Characteristics of a Translational Scientist

Translational scientists are innovative and collaborative, searching for ways to break down barriers in the translation process and ultimately deliver more treatments to more patients more quickly. NCATS and other members of an international group called Translation Together have identified qualities that distinguish translational scientists. The Fundamental Characteristics of a Translational Scientist includes an infographic (similar to the one below) that can be used by aspiring scientists, established practitioners and other stakeholders to learn more about the discipline and encourage careers in it.

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Seven characteristics of a translational scientist include: boundary crosser, team player, process innovator, domain expert, rigorous researcher, skilled communicator and systems thinker

scientist researcher teamplayer crosser innovator expert communicator thinker

Credit: Translation Together