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Director’s Message Series: NCATS’ Bold Goals

Our 10th-anniversary celebration highlighted the many accomplishments of NCATS’ scientists, grantees and collaborators across the translational science spectrum. In a series of Director's Corner messages, NCATS Director Joni L. Rutter, Ph.D., shares her vision and audacious goals for the Center over the next decade.    


The Decade Ahead: More Treatments for All People More Quickly

Dr. Rutter shares her vision of a future with more treatments for all people more quickly. Achieving this vision, she notes, will require bold ideas, impactful programs and new partnerships.

More Treatments

A Decade to Deliver Five Times More Treatments

In this message, Dr. Rutter highlights three approaches NCATS is pursuing to significantly increase the number of treatments in the drug development pipeline: developing more predictive tools, targeting what’s common across diseases and honing data-driven solutions.

All People

Increase Inclusivity to Improve Health for All

Dr. Rutter shares activities underway at NCATS to dramatically increase inclusivity across the research pipeline and in the research workforce. They alone, she acknowledges, will not achieve the goal of improving health for all, but they are steps in the right direction.

More Quickly

New Treatments Twice as Fast

In the final installment of the series, Dr. Rutter describes how leveraging big data and streamlining processes can speed the development and delivery of new treatments.

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