CTSA Program in Action

The CTSA Program supports new clinical and translational science research to remove health roadblocks and find health answers for all people. Through its network of research and community partners, the CTSA Program also improves the research field and helps clinical and translational research trainees learn to address public health needs. Learn about CTSA Program activities and how they are making a difference.

Urgent Public Health Needs

Metformin Shows Promise in Treating COVID-19 and Preventing Long-COVID
With support from CTSA Program institutions, NCATS is exploring metformin as a treatment for COVID-19 — from early observational studies all the way to large-scale clinical trials. Now, the ACTIV-6 clinical trial is testing the drug as an outpatient treatment for people with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 to bring clarity to its value in treating COVID-19 and potentially preventing long COVID.

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Developing, Demonstrating and Disseminating Innovations That Turn Science into Medicine Faster

Genetics Experts Support Adding Hundreds of Treatable Rare Diseases to Newborn Screening
A new study found that nearly nine of 10 experts surveyed on rare diseases agreed that DNA testing for treatable disorders caused by a single faulty gene should be available for all newborns. These study results may help make DNA testing a common part of newborn screening, potentially allowing lifesaving treatments to be delivered sooner to more babies who need them.

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Clinical Research Resources

Nationwide IRB Reliance Agreement Aimed at Speeding Research Reaches 1,000 Signatories
The Streamlined, Multisite, Accelerated Resources for Trials (SMART) Institutional Review Board (IRB) agreement has reached 1,000 participating sites, making it one of the largest medical research study reliance agreements in the United States.

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Nurturing the Field of Translational Science

CTSA Program Supports Emerging Research on Health Effects of Plastics
An early-career investigator has developed techniques to study how chemicals used in medical devices affect the still-developing hearts of pediatric patients.

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