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Plate washer and high-throughput screening robot

Innovative Plate Washing Technology Saves Money, Plastic

Technology created at NCATS and refined by a Center-supported small business has enabled re-use of plastic plates for high-throughput screening.

Work with Us

NCATS pre-clinical programs and resources focus on key obstacles and inefficiencies in the translational process, overcoming bottlenecks that slow the development of new treatments for patients.

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Core Technologies

Using state-of-the-art resources to enable the ongoing operation of all NCATS translational research activities. Learn more.

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Supporting the maintenance and operation of laboratory instrumentation and processes.

    Compound Management

    Providing compound library plating services for high-throughput screening at NCATS.

    Analytical Chemistry

    Carrying out small molecule analysis and purification for therapeutic development.


      Developing algorithms and software to disseminate research results.

        Technologies Supporting NCATS Translational Research

        NCATS' cross-cutting core technologies enable the ongoing operation of all the Center's research activities. Dedicated team members offer specialized expertise to researchers at NCATS and elsewhere using state-of-the-art resources in the fields of automation, compound management, analytical chemistry and informatics, among others.

        In addition to continually supporting collaborative activities at NCATS, each core team strives to make these technologies more accessible, efficient and nimble in the face of an ever-evolving scientific landscape.